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    Motorcycle Detailing Instructions
    CLICK HERE for Vehicle Detailing Instructions
    These steps and techniques will give your vehicle the superior appearance that only LIQUI-TECH products can provide!
    1. Wash motorcycle with CYCLE FINISH SPRAY WASH & ENHANCER and 421 MPC
    Make sure cycle is cool to the touch! Wet entire motorcycle before washing. Mist the CYCLE FINISH SPRAY WASH & ENHANCER into your motorcycle. Let it work two to three minutes, if you have heavy road grime or heavy bugs use soft cloth or wash mitt to loosen, beginning on top surfaces and working down. If you have heavy brake dust or grease build up, spray 421 MPC on rims, tires, belt or chain drive area, all engine areas and frame. Unlike ordinary organic soaps that spot and stain, CYCLE FINISH SPRAY WASH & ENHANCER and 421 MPC will rinse sparkling clean leaving no residue. If your motorcycle is does not have heavy build up of brake dust, oil film, grease from a chain, you will ONLY need to use the CYCLE FINISH SPRAY WASH & ENHANCER. Make sure tires and wheels are cool to the touch! Wet tire and wheel, and then spray on #421 MPC. Scrub tires with soft bristled brush to remove dirt and brown, oily buildup usually found on tires. Take soft cloth and wipe wheel. Rinse tire and wheel and dry thoroughly with a synthetic chamois cloth such as The ABSORBER.
    2. Prep motorcycle's paint surface with FINISH PREP if surface debris is present
    Use FINISH PREP Precleaner to remove organic wax or glaze residue, bugs and tar, surface contaminants, or if applicable, stains and oxidation. Apply FINISH PREP to applicator pad or soft cloth. Two half-dollar-sized drops will clean an approximately 1-sq. ft. area. Massage FINISH PREP into this 1-ft. area using light pressure only. FINISH PREP cleans by fluid emulsification; therefore hard rubbing or pressure is not needed. Remove with a soft cloth while still wet to achieve maximum cleaning performance. Repeat over entire painted surface. *Note-never apply FINISH PREP to a hot surface to avoid uneven, premature drying of emulsifiers.
    3. Apply CYCLE FINISH POLISH/FINISH to painted areas
    Place 1dime-sized drop of CYCLE FINISH POLISH on a clean cloth or applicator pad. Wipe onto an approximately 1-sq. ft. area using back and forth motion. Apply to entire motorcycle's painted surface at one time. A thin, even application of CYCLE FINISH works best. Using thick coats is wasteful and will cause excess dust upon removal. Allow CYCLE FINISH to "cure" a minimum of 1 hour to overnight before removing. This important step allows for maximum durability as well as filling of fine scratches and swirl marks. During the curing phase, there is no such thing as " too long", but we recommend a minimum of 1 hour. While CYCLE FINISH is curing, use this time to clean seat, tires, windshield and other areas to complete the detailing process.
    4. Clean and Protect seat, tires, and black powdercoat engine areas
    For leather and engine surfaces that are heavily soiled or have oily residue from silicone based or organic surface products, use LIQUI-TECH'S #421 MPC. This multi-purpose cleaner can be used on leather, and all engine surfaces including bright work. #421 MPC deep cleans without leaving a residue that will actually attract dirt, thus leaving these areas cleaner longer. On power coat engines use Liqui-Tech's Engine Enhancer/Protector, this will restore your power coat to look better that new, it will not attract dust and will actually help waterproof your power coat to keep that nice black look. On leather and tires use LIQUI-TECH'S PROTECTANT w/Lanoline to enhance and protect these areas from dirt, dust, UV rays, and contaminants. LIQUI-TECH'S PROTECTANT & LIQUI-TECH'S ENGINE ENHANCER/PROTECTOR contains no silicone and will leave these surfaces clean and oil free, but with maximum protection and enhancement. This non-oily product also excels on tires.
    5. Clean Windshield (never use petroleum or solvent based cleaners)
    For motorcycle windshield cleaning and enhancement, use Liqui-Tech's WINDOW FINISH. This ammonia-free formula cleans without streaks and smears associated with ordinary glass cleaners. Mist onto a small area and wipe with a soft cloth massaging to remove bugs, etc. Turn towel over with each wipe. When WINDOW FINISH dries, apply a quick bluff to bring up sparkle and slickness to windshield without film or haze.
    6. Clean and protect metal surfaces
    If spots, stains or cloudiness is present on wheels, chrome, aluminum or plated parts, apply Liqui-Tech METAL FINISH polishing Crème. This non-abrasive, enzymatic cleaner removes contaminants and dullness without scratching. Once surface is clean, apply Liqui-Tech CUSTOM WHEEL/METAL PROTECTOR to create a durable, glossy shield that protects against future buildup of damaging contaminants. Applying multiple coats of CUSTOM WHEEL/METAL PROTECTOR will add increased gloss and protection for all metal surfaces. Like CYCLE FINISH, if METAL PROTECTOR is allowed to cure longer, the easier it is to wipe off.
    7. Remove CYCLE FINISH
    After the minimum of 1 hour has passed, remove CYCLE FINISH with a soft cotton cloth. Simply wipe off the haze to reveal a dazzling shine and unsurpassed paint protection. Additional gloss and protection can be achieved by adding multiple properly cured coats of CYCLE FINISH Polish/Finish.
    8. For handy, quick cleanups and enhancement use FINISH FAST Spay Enhancer
    FINISH FAST is excellent for paint or chrome to remove dust, bugs and fingerprints. FINISH FAST will enhance gloss and shine to give a "just polished look". This non-silicone formula can be used in direct sunlight without fear of streaks or smears.
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